Board of Directors

Chairman:David Kinsinger

President:James Kroll

Vice Presidents:

Grade School Programs: Steven Moeller

High School and Adult Programs: Jeffrey Miller

Secretary: Christina Houck

Treasurer: David Keller


Andrew Crouse

Sue Domeier

Andrew Fritz

John Kelm

David Laabs

Ronald Moll

Shannon Schmidt

Michael Sieg

Question about a Certain Event?:

Cross Country


High School Basketball

Grade School Basketball


Track and Field

This is a listing of all the LSA Directors and their e-mail.  Their positions and responsibilities have been listed.  If you want to send an e-mail about a specific event or facet of the LSA, see the table below.  All directors have e-mail.  If you are not sure who you need to contact, send an e-mail to and it will be distributed to the right person.  DISCLAIMER:  This may not always be the fastest way to communicate with a Director.