In 1975, Six laymen formed the organization in order to declare a champion for high school youth basketball and men’s division.  In 1976, the first championship was held at Bradley University.  It was the first STATE Lutheran championship in the country.  In 1985, the LSA expanded into the elementary schools and started the first STATE Lutheran basketball championships for grade schools in the nation.  Only twelve boys and eight girls teams participated.  Saint Peter in Arlington Heights has been a host of grade school basketball event ever since.  In the following years, the LSA has added STATE championships for Volleyball, Cheerleading, Track and Field, and Cross Country.

The LSA is comprised of a Board of Directors who are elected by current directors.  The LSA has no salaried employees.  Our income comes from entry fees, advertisements in our program books, souvenirs such as T-shirts and photos, ticket sales, and donations.  The only fees the schools or congregations pay are entry fees.  Each event has a committee which is comprised of LSA Directors and dedicated volunteers.  Without volunteer support, the LSA simply cannot run our events!

The volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors are comprised of educators and laymen.  The LSA only runs the STATE events and their play-in games.  Regular season games and tournaments are not under the jurisdiction of the LSA.  The LSA and the STATE basketball tournaments are independent of the National Basketball Tournament run by the Lutheran Basketball Association of America (LBAA).  We are not affiliated with any particular Lutheran synod.  Other states have started similar associations using the LSA as a model.

Here is a list of our “firsts”

1976 – High School Varsity and Mens’ Basketball Tournament.

1985 – Grade School Basketball Tournament

1988 – Girls’ Grade School Volleyball, Frosh/Soph Basketball, and publication of Directory of Illinois Lutheran Schools

1990 – Grade School Track and Field Meet

1992 – Grade School Cheerleading Competition

1995 – Boys’ Grade School Volleyball Tournament

2005 – Grade School Cross Country Meet

The LSA thanks you for your support.

LSA Board of Directors