Crain Scholarship Rules

Download and fill out your application.

Applications must be postmarked by July 1st or January 2nd in order to be considered for the scholarship at the designated Board vote. If either date falls on a Sunday, an extra day will be given for postmark date.

Crain Scholarship Application

The Robert A Crain Memorial scholarship has been established by the Board of the Lutheran Sports Association. Bob Crain was one of the founding fathers of the LSA in 1975. Bob retired from the LSA in 2002. Bob was also a layman who attended Valparaiso University. The Crain Memorial Scholarship Fund is funded by the LSA from some of the proceeds from each event.
The requirements to be eligible for the Crain Memorial Scholarship Fund are simple. You must have participated in any one of our grade school, high school or adult events. You must also attend a Lutheran University regardless of your selected major. Please type or hand print information in the application, and send it to the address listed in the application. If you have any questions about the application, or would like to contribute to the fund, please e-mail